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Montana's the Man-a

2016-05-03 01:41:16

: Super sekrit late night strim? O SNAP.pic.twitter.com/CKzVPPkHy2

2016-05-03 01:43:05

Haha! :D Won't be there since it'll be too late (I'm an hour ahead of Eastern time and need sleep) but have fun! :p

2016-05-03 01:49:00

can u play a real game this time aka dota 2

2016-05-03 01:56:05

ha, in Europe is early in thw morning, so, in yo face!

2016-05-03 02:03:56

come play battleborn with Haley and I?

2016-05-03 02:20:23


2016-05-03 15:35:07

Aw man, you got my hopes up that the frozen desserts were part of the giveaway :( Why you gotta crush my dreams! ;D

2016-05-03 15:39:19

dairy free frozen deserts? Put that right next to my gluten-free bread. In the trash bin.

2016-05-03 16:00:31

awesome stream last night/this morning I watched until I couldn't take it no more and had to go to bed LOL

2016-05-03 17:26:16

A girl once slapped me for asking that.

2016-05-03 18:34:03

what about the one above your bed? ️️pic.twitter.com/lvxXRq962h

2016-05-03 18:42:14

jessy I hate (yes hate is a strong word) but hate you now :p

2016-05-03 18:49:30


2016-05-03 19:21:47

hey your the one posting images of nightmares from the abyss not me :p

2016-05-24 17:44:30


2016-05-24 17:45:20

hey cute face

2016-05-24 18:44:41

helooooooo nurse!

2016-05-24 18:54:19

Grumble you aiiight too

2016-05-25 16:56:30

How long are you streaming tonight because I missed the stream last time?

2016-05-25 16:57:47

Sorry I bailed in the middle of the round last night. Cat puked violently on my chair.

2016-05-26 21:32:51


2016-06-01 17:11:43

wait, you play things other than Overwatch? :P

2016-06-06 11:20:12

No you don't... *plays overwatch for the 20th time today*

2016-06-06 11:23:03

why so late!! come to UK and stream at normal times

2016-06-06 11:38:17

the first step is admitting you have a problem. i, for one, dont see anypic.twitter.com/Mt8p8DHwLS

2016-06-06 11:39:51

I play it every night but I'm not addicted, nope. Could totally stop if I wanted too

2016-06-06 12:34:03

First day off after a six day stretch of work... I was up all night playing. :/

2016-06-06 13:32:55

that feel when you work to late to play Overcrack with Speth. FeelsWorkMan

2016-06-06 14:48:06

you have a serious addiction Elspeth as thats all youve played recently

2016-06-11 13:23:11

Will there be non-OW games played? :P

2016-06-11 13:24:51


2016-06-11 14:20:27

24 hour and overwatch? Let's go!

2016-06-11 14:35:31

Oh a 24 hour party woohoo

2016-06-11 15:36:30

my eggo

2016-06-17 00:52:27

2016-06-20 21:06:07


2016-06-24 23:06:49

more lush than the Amazon

2016-06-25 11:06:23

Ugh wish I could join but work calls me today.

2016-06-25 11:25:10

thats early! spethHype

2016-06-25 13:54:56

I wanted to wake up early but then ma body was like no FeelsSpethMan

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