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2016-05-03 00:02:18

This stream motivated me to buy it used from Amazon just now. Loved this game, beat it like 6 times in my youth! :D

2016-05-03 12:12:43

back to shiba house!!

2016-05-03 12:18:42

so good!!

2016-05-24 23:14:03

now sit down

2016-05-24 23:22:39

you guys could of done it when the Warriors and Thunder weren’t on

2016-05-24 23:29:15

Totally lived up to the hype! What a rowdy crowd too! Hahaha

2016-05-24 23:29:34

the transitions were good...

2016-05-24 23:30:52

loved it.

2016-05-24 23:35:13

these jokes were on the same level as the dentist tooth hurty joke 10/10

2016-05-24 23:38:05

what a troll haha I knew he'd find a way

2016-05-24 23:56:26

Off-color humor like that can really dramatize someone. Luckily I put my kids to bed.

2016-05-25 00:26:35

I don't care what early adopters think; I can't wait for crustacean station 4K.

2016-05-25 07:58:27

I'm offended by Kyle's blue collar jokes. I did nazi that coming!

2016-05-25 08:07:31

hopefully it'll be on YT by the time I get home tonight.

2016-05-25 17:55:05

hell yeah, still one of the best games

2016-05-25 17:55:35

hot damn

2016-05-25 18:09:57

Probably won't watch it today, have to watch tabletop escapades first, but I'm looking forward to it tomorrow.

2016-05-25 18:20:01

i love that you are coming to the front now on easyallies. Before, I had a very rough idea about you, but now I'm a big fan!

2016-05-25 19:27:39

Your new regular stream time has me missing out on Ben Moore. Hope you love Europe, dammit!!!

2016-05-25 20:05:04

It's only a temporary time. Will go back to 8-10 soon.

2016-05-25 20:06:12

Thank you! Much appreciated.

2016-05-25 20:06:25


2016-05-25 20:37:22


2016-05-26 16:06:19

FYI You guys keep linking the "Dumb Game Monday" title

2016-05-26 19:04:05

that's some kind of cached info either in twitch or twitter. I'm not sure we can do anything about it.

2016-05-27 02:58:47

But are you in love with a stripper?

2016-05-27 02:59:58

who's even T pain? bet he can't reach 100k on gameboy tetris

2016-05-27 03:01:36


2016-05-27 03:02:31


2016-05-27 04:44:37

Call me weird, but I enjoy a lot playing my ng+ of Dark Souls 3 while listening your tetris streaming

2016-05-27 14:37:58

BvW week 8 was your best ever (despite the overall score, come on! You made it to level 20) #skateboarding

2016-05-27 23:08:51

is destroying right now!

2016-05-28 00:52:13

You got mad at Tetris for not giving the L piece, saying its 1/7, but remember, that's the lowest probability piece, at 1/11!

2016-05-28 02:26:05

same; whenever I'm playing Dark Souls, I absolutely need background noise

2016-05-28 02:47:26

I totally forgot that was the one

2016-06-01 16:57:25

Awesome that you're giving this game some love.

2016-06-01 17:05:15

Maybe next time when I'm not at work. Enjoy!

2016-06-01 17:11:37

I would love to but man noon-9 job man. Gotta do it for the family.

2016-06-01 23:38:30

absorbing essence will auto charge your heavy attack & result in even larger essence/more points if you don't get hit.

2016-06-01 23:41:40

apologies for constantly mentioning this, but it feels like you're playing DMC4 without charging the Red Queen mid-attack.

2016-06-01 23:48:49

agh, sorry for the back seat gaming. I'm just glad you're giving the game a chance. It's one of my favourites!!

2016-06-02 00:22:54

I actually did not know this. Super helpful! Thank you.

2016-06-02 04:05:05

you were unknowingly doing it against the giant skeletons, (but held charge longer for max attack). Notice burst/colour change.

2016-06-04 16:25:48

MY GOD YES HUBER! Just a one off or a marathon week after week full playthrough?

2016-06-04 16:26:27

You beautiful bastard <3pic.twitter.com/o8RX3d8BGG

2016-06-04 16:26:56


2016-06-04 16:28:19

nice to see one of you playing one of the best RPGs EVER.

2016-06-04 16:30:31

What if we get this for 3DS AND PS2 Classics this year?!

2016-06-04 16:33:17

so sad I won't be able to see it live but hype to watch the VOD tomorrow morning :D! HAVE FUN!

2016-06-04 16:41:20

DQ8 is my favorite game of all time so I'm sad to miss it. But I'm sure it'll be a jolly stream!!! <3

2016-06-04 18:07:37

Where there is JRPG, I'll be there.

2016-06-04 18:19:49

is dragon quest comparable to final fantasy? I've never dabbled in dragonquest

2016-06-04 19:35:47


2016-06-04 19:42:29

I will join

2016-06-04 20:52:02


2016-06-04 21:00:31

Be there in a bit.

2016-06-04 21:45:47

the music in this game is fantastic.

2016-06-04 21:47:32

I wish i wasn't at work. I love this game so much.

2016-06-06 00:19:23


2016-06-07 02:29:40

I love bees

2016-06-08 17:57:50

You know what I'm gonna say :p

2016-06-08 17:58:40

I can maybe make it for part of Odin Sphere.

2016-06-09 00:29:40

oh sure... we "believe you"

2016-06-09 00:30:29

stupid time zones...

2016-06-09 00:31:54

mercy mercy mercy youuuuu

2016-06-09 00:42:42

pc or console?

2016-06-09 03:24:25


2016-06-09 12:47:21

it was fun playing with you guys last night (Deathmethod)

2016-06-09 13:09:40

Yeah! Good times!

2016-06-09 14:52:53


2016-06-09 14:54:18

You doing e3 reactions this year~ Penny for every time you hear this?

2016-06-12 14:32:21

so glad I was watching them last year for the FF7 and shenmue announcement, they certainly shared my hypehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY1p8ZgvqYM …

2016-06-12 14:33:15

can't wait!

2016-06-12 14:35:21

will the streams be aechived?? Cant watch live tomorrow..

2016-06-12 14:36:18

Soon it'll be time to bust out the popcorn. Most looking forward to Bethesda tonight.

2016-06-12 14:37:16

me and 2.0(4 year old son) are ready!

2016-06-12 14:38:21

is there anyway to watch besides twitch

2016-06-12 14:38:36

get a lump in my gosh dang throat again seeing that shenmue reveal my lord, I still cant believe I was brought to tears by this

2016-06-12 14:38:47

planning to archive yes

2016-06-12 14:40:52

I have my Twitch page ready for the moment this goes live.

2016-06-12 14:41:21

awesome!! :)

2016-06-12 14:42:54

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4fz1si  ayyy lmao well done EA

2016-06-12 15:06:56

Check out their Twitter

2016-06-12 15:13:48

marques me ajuda eu não sei onde ver as conferencias eu to morrendo

2016-06-12 15:13:55

que horas começa a e3 marcos?

2016-06-12 15:24:54

7K viewers lol anasa!

2016-06-12 15:26:23

yaa wow, fancy set lol kash5a, bs camera chena blurry shway

2016-06-12 15:29:22

Yeah I don't think they changed the camera. Damiani gal the moment you touch the lens yi5tirib shway.

2016-06-12 15:33:58

Damn it Jones, where is the new camera

2016-06-12 20:56:46

Guys, seriously thank you for this stream. I'm having an *amazing* time watching.

2016-06-12 21:09:53

you guys look great! I love it

2016-06-12 21:24:02

set up and ready for EVERYTHING!pic.twitter.com/oJ65tk2j5g

2016-06-13 00:56:04

SOOO beyond hyped for The Walking Dead Season 3!!! What are you hyped for, Zal?

2016-06-13 11:36:16

Yesterday's stream was excellent.

2016-06-13 11:37:06

the EZA stream is giving me life! Love watching y'all, I'll be tuned in all day long!

2016-06-13 11:37:07

Good luck :)

2016-06-13 11:38:10


2016-06-13 11:38:48

I love watching these streams! Too bad Bosman is busy greasing palms and is absent. But for the greater good.

2016-06-13 11:41:34

thanks literally was just looking for this

2016-06-13 11:41:49

So good! Wish I could be on call as the Gears expert. So hyped!

2016-06-13 11:43:07

awesome that you get to work with again. Very exciting day.

2016-06-13 11:46:48

the hype...the hype... (read in Marlon Brando's voice). https://www.patreon.com/EasyAllies  #e32016 #e3 #easyallies #gametrailers

2016-06-13 11:49:12

too bad youtube is not working for me!! I'd love to see that

2016-06-13 11:49:48

yesterday was awesome, thanks guys for the endless coverage and fun

2016-06-13 12:08:51

I am there! Any chance of a bosman at home recap too, cheers.

2016-06-13 14:22:23

Great to see you getting your face out there.. You'll surpass Kieghley in no time ;) Keep up the great work and you'll go far :)

2016-06-13 18:26:38

is the crew of the crews! Have been following these guys for YEARS and have never had a dull moment <3

2016-06-13 23:27:21

hey u streaming re7 tonite? If so I'm staying up and making the place spooky. TONE!!!

2016-06-18 02:56:02

Tetstream Returns.

2016-06-18 02:56:56

damn its late at night for me, gonna have to watch tomorrow!

2016-06-18 02:57:48

And I thought you were taking a week off! SWEETNESS!!! :D :D

2016-06-18 08:19:14

You break that record, you break it good!

2016-06-22 17:08:35


2016-06-22 17:10:24

Yeah, PSO!

2016-06-22 17:14:40

oooo might have to watch!

2016-06-22 17:14:43

can't wait

2016-06-22 17:32:58

I wonder if they'll ever localize this.

2016-06-22 17:34:29

Why you never stream when I can watch anymore? :(

2016-06-22 17:57:08

I'm sorry. :( I'm streaming for like...30 hours next week so hopefully you can tune in then.

2016-06-22 18:08:49

Streaming Arc the Lad for 30 Hours? SCORE!! :D

2016-06-23 01:09:54

Spank me silly I'm so happy papa

2016-06-23 07:14:12

Oh my god I've been wanting pso forever

2016-06-23 20:41:33

Brad, I love ya, but these voting results are too important to watch literally anything else.

2016-06-25 02:59:00

Puttin off that zelda run like a boss XD

2016-06-28 14:16:03


2016-06-28 14:18:06

Getting the game this weekend, first time playing through. Loving this series, cannot wait to play 4

2016-06-28 14:31:41


2016-06-28 14:36:55

noone should use the word content about games ever

2016-06-28 18:07:57

Don't believe the lies of . It's only an evil word in certain contexts.

2016-06-28 18:14:04

it's not evil, it's just completely devoid of soul.

2016-06-28 18:35:06

Did the Gold Hat trigger you, Huber?

2016-06-29 13:52:31

can you upload it to youtube please ? I cant watch live, do you usually put them on youtube

2016-06-29 13:52:47

That's a hardcore stream lol

2016-06-29 13:54:16

I'm excited to hear your thoughts. I see the validity of peoples arguments against. I'm really enjoying it. :)

2016-06-29 13:55:10

I hope the game has end-game dungeons like in 4(Gabriel Celeste and Ethereal Queen). Super hard but super fun and rewarding.

2016-06-29 13:56:19

here you go fam... all the twitch streams are posted here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7O6Onu0lBcwZ8t-YMgGcw …

2016-06-29 14:12:04

in one sitting? Everything else would reek of Western filth [°_^] #justkidding #benmoorerules

2016-06-29 14:16:54


2016-06-29 14:36:15


2016-06-29 14:42:07

hey Ben, think you'll return to ninja gaiden sometime or did you beat it and I missed it =(

2016-06-29 14:42:27

i pre-ordered after seeing you try the japanese version on the stream :) i got it digital so 1d 04:18:00 left

2016-06-29 14:54:44

Next werk Ninja Gaiden continues!

2016-06-29 14:55:10

Maybe you can unlock arc the lad within star ocean

2016-06-29 14:56:01

Three long streams this week.

2016-06-29 15:05:00


2016-06-29 15:08:55

Euro friendly hype, thanks so much Ben

2016-06-29 17:30:12

its sad all the hate this getting. This is probably some of the best gameplay in a rpg in awhile. 60fps locked is good too.

2016-06-29 17:34:27

I just hope the story is good. I don't think I can endure another sub par JRPG story..

2016-06-29 21:05:26


2016-06-29 21:18:18

2016-06-30 23:11:41

Literally swimmin' in 7's.

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