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Completing New GT event, trying to pull Ne SSRS

2016-05-26 21:31:34

damnnnn you stream when I am in school savage dubayamchapic.twitter.com/1AuLF11oN4

2016-05-26 21:43:36

it's not my fault

2016-05-26 21:44:44

well stream at 5 pm est time lol

2016-06-05 12:36:14

i dont want to pry but could you send me the code for the Jojo account over dms? if now is a bad time dont worry about it

2016-06-05 12:36:46

omg I'm so sorry I forgot, when I take a break from streaming I'll get the code and send it you

2016-06-05 12:37:16

awesome thanks dude

2016-06-05 14:14:23

lol I'm always late for these things, I just woke, anyways do you have any kind of schedule? Missed out on the last two :/

2016-06-05 14:16:24

No I have no schedule sadly, I really need to make one haha

2016-06-05 14:17:05

plz do

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