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This title is for my stream

2016-05-04 10:32:42

2016-06-06 07:28:16

this gif makes me profoundly uncomfortable

2016-06-06 07:38:22

then I win hahahaa

2016-06-07 09:30:07


2016-06-07 10:41:48


2016-06-07 12:41:01

the gif, I need it xD

2016-06-10 09:57:13

I'm convinced neither of you sleep.

2016-06-10 10:06:50

I just woke up about 90 minutes ago. Just hangin in Droo's chat while I work. :D

2016-06-10 10:13:04

Haha true. How're you feeling sir? mentioned you were having some tooth issues?

2016-06-10 10:21:09

Yeah feeling much better. Hoping to strum a bit this evening. Keep an eye out for the notification #twitch #gamerlife!

2016-06-19 08:25:15

thanks for the love

2016-06-19 08:25:31

always bro-hammer!

2016-06-20 23:41:14

sorry I missed it :(

2016-06-21 00:32:31

it's all good, man. it was really short. but thanks :)

2016-06-21 07:36:47

Did you finish the hammer portion?

2016-06-21 07:38:54

I did! Forgot to take pics, though... damn, I really am rusty at this lol

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