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Sunday Top 64 -- DreamHack Austin Capcom Pro Tour North American Ranking event: Brackets -- http://dhaustin.challonge.com/dh2k16sfvtop64

2016-05-06 20:48:38

what events this weekend?

2016-05-06 20:51:23

just Dreamhack Austin

2016-05-06 21:50:58

ah jsais pas

2016-05-07 12:44:58

Nuckledu won or lost?

2016-05-07 13:36:28

You'll kill it, don't worry.

2016-05-07 13:37:19

I did a match a few minutes ago, just gonna stare at v frames all day haha

2016-05-07 13:38:19


2016-05-07 13:39:11

thanks man! I wanna come with that fire!!

2016-05-07 13:40:27

Just be yourself Chris and don't talk over the other guy. You'll be fine.

2016-05-07 13:42:57

thanks I'll try not to, I'm working with my buddy so it'll be comfy as possible

2016-05-07 13:44:33

Who you working with?

2016-05-07 13:46:51

Is it one of the discount Gibys who are on stream now? :D

2016-05-07 13:48:51

lol is that what they're saying?!

2016-05-07 13:50:39

You must not be getting these Line notifications

2016-05-07 15:08:39

good luck!

2016-05-07 16:15:17

My NorCal homies commentating SFV at #DHATX16. .twitter.com/4wYp41t2VD

2016-05-07 23:07:12

when you guys aren't trolling me, you guys are the best :)

2016-05-07 23:36:54

i did things!

2016-05-07 23:44:37

who u

2016-05-07 23:45:35

some norcal guy that got displaced.

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