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SATURDAY: Stardew Valley - Part 3

2016-05-02 21:25:04

"apparently that's good." The humblest of brags! Love that you're loving the Souls, dude! GLHF!

2016-05-03 21:04:37

I hope this interaction is actual gameplay, otherwise I feel cheated.

2016-05-03 21:13:51

"One of these days, you're going to taste so good with honey mustard sauce"

2016-05-03 21:14:55

I cant believe i just seen a handsome young djWheat in the documentary "all work all play" it was great man you have come a longway

2016-05-03 23:04:17

TY sir :)

2016-05-04 10:10:00

2016-05-24 21:16:00


2016-05-24 21:16:32

Feels good man. I opened 10 and ended up with 1 thing I wanted, but better than none. Got a mariachi skin for Reaper.

2016-05-25 19:12:40

So does this mean you can and will be coming to on Friday? B) B) B)

2016-05-25 19:18:13

Hey Marcus. If you find yourself open for a lunch your friends at would love to host you at Coke HQ.

2016-05-26 10:29:06

yes I am going to try. Will you be there??

2016-05-26 13:42:22

looking forward to your keynote, will you be hosting the online personality panel as well?

2016-05-26 13:53:09


2016-05-26 19:15:26

as far as I know, just the keynote!

2016-05-29 15:15:08

when are we gonna see co stream

2016-06-04 17:17:45

wheat confirmed hooker?

2016-06-04 17:17:54

10/10 Gif

2016-06-04 17:20:16

2016-06-04 17:27:45

It figures because it sounds like you are... wait for it... wait for it... You are hooked on

2016-06-25 14:48:10

or Superfight beta? JK. but hit me up if you want some keys for friends ;)

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