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[XB1]Shenanigans With Viewers come play!

2016-05-06 17:57:44

his donation link is under his channel info but also direct link here …

2016-05-24 17:37:36

there in spirit, think of me while I'm in the maelstrom of evil that is dealing with elderly casino patrons lol

2016-05-24 17:52:00

what are you doing? Get home now tell work you have more important things to attend to

2016-05-24 17:52:48

haha I don't even start work for 30 more mins I'm having a very needed double shot espresso with coworker pre work :)

2016-05-24 17:53:12

oh trust me nothing would make me happier than to not be working today but I do needs the monies sadly

2016-05-24 18:22:50

true that capture card isnt going to send its self lol

2016-05-24 18:53:57

oh right DM me address on like Skype or something

2016-06-03 19:37:28

barrel murder is top notch

2016-06-03 19:38:04

we just got out of whimsy dale

2016-06-03 19:44:04

first time I took Jacki to whimsydale she was mortified

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