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Quacksmith Early Show -- Doom II (No saves, Ultra-Violence Difficulty)

2016-05-06 19:35:25

im all up in it

2016-06-02 16:11:48

Cool, good luck!

2016-06-02 18:49:53

Okay, Tallowmere is a frickin' blast. Had a great time streaming it! I do have to wonder, though... do you just hate cats? :p

2016-06-02 19:21:43

Cats are all good! I have two myself. I mean, they give you +10 Health each, right? What's not to love? #crazycatperson

2016-06-30 15:16:31

you going to EVO?

2016-06-30 18:30:57

About 90% sure I am!

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