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Battleborn Hype! (PC)

2016-04-30 00:41:19

Have fun... I'm busy kicking some Grinny's butts too. Poor poor guys, getting slapped around by a newb. >:)

2016-04-30 21:31:16

Well, I've been spamnking Grinny's & Kela last few hours. She really should stop mentioning how sharp her "roller balls" are!

2016-04-30 21:41:40

let me finish my paper first and I'll be right there as well

2016-04-30 21:51:37

sounds good big guy! Already got us a clan trophy :)

2016-05-07 01:02:15

Ganking Alad V? This salty Tenno approves! >:)

2016-06-01 20:40:01

RNGesus is never kind to anyone. :)

2016-06-01 20:43:32

. Lol I feel your pain!

2016-06-04 03:41:22

this third shift ish is getting in the way :/

2016-06-04 06:55:51

hang in there big guy!

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