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Dark Souls 3 first time sorcerer

2016-04-30 19:42:28

what's the name of your twitch channel.

2016-05-04 11:28:30

I'm a fan and on a super replay you mentioned you have a twitch stream. Please tell me the info. I love the way you approach games

2016-05-04 12:47:22

your the man

2016-05-04 22:28:40

when can I catch you on?

2016-05-04 22:43:46

My schedule is fairly random right now, which is why I'm not talking about it too much. If you sub it will email you when :P

2016-05-04 22:47:30

ok I will. I have been a huge fan for the last two years. I would love to watch your stream. Your approach is unparalleled.

2016-05-04 22:51:49

wow, thanks! Means a lot!

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