D0MICS - Twitch

D0MICS - Twitch

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2016-05-07 00:20:27


2016-05-07 00:25:56

hey domics im bored im gonna watch u ok maybe we can do a collab sometine

2016-05-07 04:52:09

holy shit, for once I'm actually awake for a stream!

2016-06-13 18:40:15

bro is this truepic.twitter.com/K52yEaroBD

2016-06-13 23:31:31

*twinkle toes!

2016-06-19 01:24:25


2016-06-19 01:28:32

ugh I guess I'm tired but whynot it's domics there gotta be something good to hear now

2016-06-19 01:30:25

I just went on it and I think m I missed it because it says it's offline maybe I'll wait my phones dying so

2016-06-19 01:37:20

be right there ;D

2016-06-19 01:44:27

Dom-senpai it's like 1am pic.twitter.com/BTv9GXZndZ

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