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Next broadcast: Thurs May 5, 11:00 PDT (20:00 CEST)

2016-04-30 12:36:50

Raindrops is cool but Trouble Brewing is better

2016-04-30 20:40:02

I haven't tried that one I'll take a look and see if I agree ;)

2016-05-01 10:12:28

So have you tried it yet? Coffee and Pinball are the sickest

2016-05-01 13:39:03

I haven't tried it yet, but I definitely will cuz it looks fun! Plus yes coffee is awesome so they can't make it a bad game...

2016-05-25 14:35:29

is rain drops from Lumosity?

2016-05-25 18:56:36

Yes Raindrops is from !

2016-05-30 17:15:50

Good luck! :)

2016-05-30 17:17:18


2016-05-30 18:15:39

Take it down courtie!! Gl gl.

2016-06-03 12:53:48

Go go go, 'em who's boss today! :D Lotsa luck and lotsa Lillie-love <3 <3 <3

2016-06-10 15:29:52

No problem, happy to help - have a great broadcast! :)

2016-06-10 19:06:06

i missed this stream! please send knee pics so i dont feel i missed out . :)

2016-06-11 13:02:44

you have a sponsor? Corporate sellout! ;) Congrats, they couldn't have a better representative.

2016-06-11 22:04:27

thanks Mike!

2016-06-13 12:56:26

good luck on today's tournaments Courtney

2016-06-15 18:03:30

you just spoiled for me :D

2016-06-15 22:31:38

thanks for the love Travis, you're amazing. How were the cookies??

2016-06-17 12:41:23

I bought some action for today! #binkbinkbink

2016-06-22 12:34:41

ok ok. On my way!

2016-06-24 18:59:52

channel your inner tonkaaa and bring it home

2016-06-27 14:19:19

here's hoping for a big game for you!!! Kick ass Courtney!

2016-06-27 20:49:30

clearly I should of finished second yesterday...$45.11 in the Big $11??? Congrats!!! Knew you'd make the money!!!

2016-06-27 20:50:13

one thing i'm curious... Which do you prefer? Entering a MTT at the onset or close to the end of late registration??

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