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2016-05-03 11:18:49

Live streaming on not working on the moment, giving it one more try, otherwise today's session will be twitch only.

2016-05-04 03:45:26

what is the name of your channel? I can't seen to find it using your name. Thanks

2016-05-04 10:26:41

aha.. Yes ofcourse! Thanks

2016-05-27 17:57:32

I caught some parts of the stream, and now recoded an earlier video and wondering too why P5JS lib of May02 is actually 0.4.23 :)

2016-05-27 18:01:48

was looking at how to make this sort of terrainGen in P5JS … but wondering why vertex() doesn't work here?

2016-05-28 03:07:25

Thanks for the L-Systems

2016-05-31 12:41:55

I love your super flashy background ! It brings some sunny vibes in that rainy day in

2016-06-01 09:33:35

Will have to someday do a Coding Rainbow live from Paris!

2016-06-01 09:50:31

Absolutely ! If you're serious about it, I could definitively help you to find a nice and friendly spot to do it.

2016-06-06 13:30:59

I only made one because I didn't know they would be in such hot demand!

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