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@Hextcg - Constructed Gauntlet - Game OVO!

2016-05-26 07:54:44

Stream notes for last stream updated!  Kudos to #goodguy MrAllStar for blatantly stream sniping and still losing!

2016-06-05 20:49:32

teach them how to play so that they may enter my domain!!! ^.^

2016-06-05 23:02:44

Our two arena runs were insane! Avg turn win were 3.47 and 3.06! Will the next Red Ranger list break turn2?

2016-06-10 00:42:04

Awesome stream tonight! Thanks to Metron0my for the host. Also thanks to a generous donator who provided 2 drafts and 1 evo pack giveaway!

2016-06-14 23:52:01

Ended up 4/3 but was 3/1 vs Boris! Updated the list with lessons learned and feedback from viewers! …

2016-06-26 23:46:57

onlybgot to stop in for a few but great stream inlearn a lot from your f2p segment keep up thr good work

2016-07-01 01:45:29

First F2P milestone achieved tonight! Defeated Wiktor after about 20 hours of play and some AH play! Next goal first F2P draft!

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