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Fresh MGSV Save, Rebuilding the Base

2016-04-30 20:32:29

git gud, or git rekt there is no try except try-hards

2016-05-03 17:52:59

From the very top to a fresh save, join super MGS lord & sometime champion singer

2016-05-25 20:56:57

We seem to be working now!

2016-05-31 05:17:04

I raid FOBs with S+ and above soldiers but have yet to be fortunate to steal them.My luck sucks or they bought insurance.

2016-05-31 10:15:56

the bases are few and far between

2016-06-07 18:47:39

Let's get on that Overwatch soon man!

2016-06-28 05:28:09

Ah... The endless testing of a new PC setup. God speed Don.

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