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2016-04-30 18:58:09

Stand by guys. Switching out games

2016-04-30 19:17:41

I want to watch your stream again, but I'm gonna continue my stream here in moment

2016-05-03 22:41:40

*shocked face emoji*

2016-05-03 23:21:39

Bayonetta and Sakamoto XDpic.twitter.com/fkb7idt1lF

2016-05-04 00:36:15

Yes! Happy #TeacherAppreciationDay! You've taught us all about history over the last year! Yay, history!!

2016-05-04 00:42:10

i missed it. Damn. Ill be there next time

2016-05-04 01:05:02

thank you for the awesome stream, it's always fun watching you play game :D

2016-05-06 21:56:52

I've only got phone interwebs these days, but I'll try.

2016-06-02 19:52:02

Pizza automatically makes this 145% LIT

2016-06-02 19:55:05

yay anime and hurrah pizza (also beer)

2016-06-02 19:59:03

2016-06-02 20:02:23

What are you going to play?

2016-06-02 20:39:53

See you later :)

2016-06-02 20:54:35

Yay, Twitch!!

2016-06-03 01:32:26

I missed it. It was on quite early here in Sweden. But I'll catch the archive footage.

2016-06-03 02:49:31

no problem. It was fun

2016-06-03 12:39:58

Zero improvement in advancement.

2016-06-04 12:55:14

I guess I have become your go to borderlands guide during your streams.

2016-06-04 12:58:54

i loved the stream. Its great you dont have issues anymore. Yay.

2016-06-04 13:37:14

your streams are the best! :)

2016-06-07 19:22:33

Got my Odin Sphere special edition today. Good review, looking forward to it!

2016-06-07 19:27:26

Borderlands again, nnnoooooooo, your 14 viewers want more Dark souls gameplay and punishment.

2016-06-07 19:30:00

Guess you are playing Oden Sphere.

2016-06-07 19:46:31

Whoa. We're gonna talk about pizza tonight?!pic.twitter.com/f5N8LwUItR

2016-06-07 19:58:20

words cannot express the joy this news brings me after the day I had today. #adultproblems

2016-06-07 21:38:01

what game are you playing tonight?

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