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[XB1] Because Destiny!

2016-05-01 17:41:23

What is this Madness..Caz streaming..

2016-05-01 17:44:16

it's not me!

2016-05-01 17:44:47


2016-05-04 19:41:57

Awesome Stream ladies <3

2016-05-04 19:55:26

for gaming

2016-05-04 19:56:12

oh my bad i got confused what account to tag, :P soz

2016-05-04 19:56:31

haha it's okay I'll just retweet stuff anyway!

2016-06-09 08:38:04


2016-06-27 11:00:03

since your been gone so long i left you stream reward Kappa!

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