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Shiny Hunts - Soft Reset for HG/SS Starters <3

2016-05-26 01:11:04

RIP 169

2016-05-26 01:37:22

2016-05-26 03:27:15

omg good job *claps sarcastically* how did you miss it xD

2016-05-26 03:28:42

these are things we don't speak of

2016-05-26 03:29:13

speak of what? Lol i finished my final finally

2016-05-26 03:30:59

I'll have a highlight of it tomorrow I think I suck. But nice dude! Hope it went well and I'll catch you tomorrow

2016-05-26 03:32:00

lol youll get it again. And thanks took so long and like 5 apps to use. Anyway im gonna go to sleep. Goodnight!

2016-05-26 10:33:28

Serves you right always getting your shinies faster than me because once again still haven't got it yet at 550 nothing :(

2016-06-16 22:26:21

can't join yet, but be there soon

2016-06-18 22:49:32

yo just found while watching the stream i didnt count

2016-06-19 22:34:32

I might not be there tonight.. but if I am, it'll be way later. Sorry about that.. I'll be there tomorrow for sure though

2016-06-20 03:39:41

Thanks for the warm welcome!

2016-06-20 03:47:34

of course! Sorry for the lurk I had some things I had to do but I wanted to make you feel welcome! <3 :D

2016-06-20 03:50:01

feel free to lurk

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