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CaptCoach/Zoan: The sun is shining and it's time to bring the heat to Smite! Giveaway at +10 TP wins!

2016-05-04 11:13:41

Is it any fun? plebs like me will be playin tomorrow I think :D

2016-05-04 11:18:04

i think its open at 2pm or 4pm PDT For everyone today

2016-05-05 21:51:20

#thanks for sharing about twitch, have a great Friday :) Grow followers ➪ 

2016-05-31 07:47:25

Wow, I can't even when I'm used to 6500 XD

2016-05-31 08:19:07

I just bought the Ouroboros, still can't play on lower than 1200 and im trying to get used to 1200 now lol, used to 1600+

2016-06-15 07:11:07

welke role play je OW?

2016-06-15 07:20:34

op stream vaak DPS, maar in scrims Main Tank.

2016-06-15 07:21:14

ooo je hebt een team? Nice, als je wil kunnen we wel is spelen support main hier..

2016-06-24 18:04:44


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