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NorthWest Majors VIII! [Melee Stream] Finals Day, Melee Top 16! Ft. Secret|SilentWolf, 62bit|Bladewise , MIOM| Dark Toph

2016-04-29 22:03:33

mango is the real scorpion master

2016-04-29 22:06:00

where da dk at

2016-04-30 01:02:55

Aparentemente ficou pra última hora mas ligaram as Streams dos campeonatos de sexta da #NWM8 Streams no Tweet a seguir.

2016-04-30 02:04:02

Nvm, Ness sucks.

2016-04-30 03:06:10

ooo who was it?

2016-04-30 03:12:18

It was Aki... but the crucial piece of information I left out it was a low tier tournament against SWs Mario. brk rset GFs tho

2016-04-30 03:26:40

ooo....I'll watch it

2016-04-30 15:16:51

I'll be cheering you on!

2016-04-30 15:34:57

This duckhunt has impressed me

2016-04-30 16:04:08

I just played him and he is really good. I got crushed

2016-04-30 16:05:36

That Cloud was rude though

2016-04-30 16:06:07

I totally forgot about Cloud’s limit break up b and left myself wide open second game lmao

2016-04-30 16:07:36

Cloud just feels really annoying to play against >_< I haven't bought any DLC characters either to better train against him

2016-04-30 18:39:48

he broke me

2016-04-30 18:40:25

Doc is good at that rofl

2016-04-30 22:20:12

I can’t seem to get a proper link on my phone, sorry

2016-04-30 22:22:29

shoutouts to the announcer who complimented my style and tried to guess my character based on my hair color instead of my tag hahaha

2016-04-30 22:23:04

I wish I’d arrived early enough to get in some friendlies before my bracket because wow I did not play well but whatever

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