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2016-05-06 19:02:31

gonna be late eating with my mother and her friends

2016-05-06 22:48:38

No worrriiies ^_^ glad you ended up making it though

2016-05-06 22:49:21

yeah even though i left sorta early because stupid drama it was fun ^-^

2016-05-23 20:13:14


2016-05-28 06:35:19

its 5:30 am what are you doing up

2016-05-28 06:57:59

work. Its been killing me lately T_T

2016-05-28 06:59:29

its going to be okay brodo its going to be worth it in the long run

2016-05-28 07:03:24

thank you sher. You always been da homie.

2016-05-28 07:06:28

no problem bro on another note i havent slept soo yeah

2016-06-06 12:21:18

All donations will go straight to the cause to help content creators all around.

2016-06-06 12:50:18

sounds hot man

2016-06-06 14:43:49

Taylor why are you hosting a charity stream for yourself? And when did you get sued?

2016-06-06 18:36:11

Never got sued just believe in the act.

2016-06-22 14:12:52

in all honesty im probably going live

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