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How lucky I am to have had something worth losing. | updates on twitter @brialeightv

2016-05-03 22:27:25

I needs one

2016-05-25 00:22:04

im about to sleep but for those of you awake, get in here!

2016-05-29 09:38:01

hay lmao

2016-05-29 09:44:56

. ajajaj me siento parte de la plebe ahora mismo

2016-05-29 09:46:49

jajajajaj no pienses esas cosas

2016-05-29 09:47:37

. ese momento en el que te meten un time out en otro canal de twitch FeelsBadMan

2016-05-29 09:48:19

ahora sabes que siente la plebe bajo el yugo punkysta

2016-06-04 22:53:23

2016-06-25 00:09:01

oh we making you regret this don't worry

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