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Zambie Parkour - Latin Pirates

2016-05-06 21:19:54

yay a stram i get to see

2016-05-06 21:38:16


2016-05-06 21:44:53

lately youve streamed after ive slept but now i fixed the problem no sleep is needed @

2016-05-06 21:48:57

Make sure you do sleep though!!! Cisco does tend to stream at weird times, and random times. Sleep if you need to ok!!! <3

2016-05-06 21:51:43

hmm possibly confused

2016-05-06 21:52:43


2016-05-06 21:56:23

the 3rd person referancing ?_?

2016-05-06 22:03:06

This is Twins right now!! not cisco

2016-06-03 23:28:31

flump ?

2016-06-13 00:43:33


2016-06-18 15:18:53

wait is this an early stream O _ O to the ps4

2016-06-18 15:20:06

PS4 streams are actually noonish every week. right now im a little late XD

2016-06-18 15:22:41


2016-06-21 22:09:47

if you had to fuck a mermaid, would you rather top half fish or bottom half fish?

2016-06-21 22:11:53

why not fuck a girl and a fish at the same time so you do both at once

2016-06-21 22:12:51

gotta choose Staring into soulless fish eyes or slamming cold slimy fish puss

2016-06-21 22:13:35

.... iw ould warm up the puss I guess so top half human

2016-06-24 21:59:16

whats straming on pc or console

2016-06-24 21:59:30

most probably console

2016-06-24 22:09:51

yay for fun

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