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Trials w/ AltKev

2016-05-04 07:07:28

how was it? Had to get ready for work. Did not see your stream.

2016-05-04 10:17:13

Overwatch is a fun game. Tonight will be better with the Open Beta so I don't have to play alone haha

2016-05-04 10:18:00

hope to get in and watch it happen.

2016-06-04 14:55:40

got time to take me later?

2016-06-04 15:21:57

possibly later!

2016-06-04 15:22:46

sweet just shoot me a message

2016-06-11 03:07:01

helluva stream tonight. See ya next time.

2016-06-14 22:24:28

I’m online now. GT: TLOCK24. Catch your stream in a bit blob.

2016-06-14 22:28:22

have a good night.

2016-06-17 23:21:51

what is this actually playing on a Friday nonsense!

2016-06-17 23:24:25

no stream tomorrow night, me and Gillian are going to a concert!

2016-06-17 23:29:56

you young ruffians. Don't drink too much and just be safe at The Wiggles concert!

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