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doin it

2016-04-29 21:28:18

This is going to be a disaster (for me). But at least I'll have fun!

2016-05-03 13:46:31

got out early on the right day

2016-05-03 14:09:54

haha im at lunch now but when I get back to the office I am turning this on! See you in a bit!

2016-05-03 14:10:03

but Worm, school.....x

2016-05-03 14:11:00

legit excuse

2016-05-03 14:11:59

I wish I could watch instead I'm in global

2016-05-03 14:15:16

hey, it's my birthday lunch. Gotta eat when it's free. Lol

2016-05-03 14:16:01

couldn't agree more

2016-05-07 12:23:50


2016-05-24 14:12:16

dammit Worm your streams have crossed over into my prom and now my graduation. I'm gonna miss part of this stream! ):

2016-05-24 14:15:31

Woot, woot! Missed you guys!

2016-05-24 14:16:11

your graduating!? That's awesome congrats! Just jump in whenever you can :) and have a great time at graduation!

2016-05-24 14:17:30

All I know is that I can't wait! I've been deprived this past week that he's been unable to stream. And thank you!

2016-05-25 09:16:01

ohhhh I probably will join #wormsquad when I get home!!

2016-05-25 19:12:15

Loopy ain't the word. ^0^

2016-05-27 22:26:57

you coming on tonight?

2016-05-29 11:51:00

fully recover wormy? Hows your day?

2016-05-29 11:57:59

Glad you're home big guy! Catch you after work! #wormsquadlove

2016-05-29 11:58:13

Glad your back & at it!

2016-05-29 12:57:59

glad to hear you are feeling better!

2016-05-29 14:28:57

Glad to see you're back in the game! Stay well my friend!

2016-05-29 19:41:30

not 100 but I'm definitely better

2016-05-29 21:55:44

Glad you've bucked up a bit. Can't keep a good man down for long.

2016-05-30 22:10:30

glad you're feeling better Worm!

2016-05-30 22:16:07

Business as usual then. Don't overdo it boi.

2016-05-30 22:40:54

still vacationing with the fam. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

2016-06-03 00:15:43

maybe another night

2016-06-03 02:46:52

that game you played tonight got me busting out in hives.

2016-06-05 22:12:31


2016-06-07 04:32:54

Always so late :( I need school to end so I can stay up ridiculously late with you guys!!

2016-06-08 22:14:40

sorry I can't tune in tonight I have finals but I will tune in Friday and this weekend! Have fun gaming!

2016-06-08 22:17:45

I have phone data back but limited to 2 gig a month, still no home wifi so im gonna have to miss the stream again ill be back soon

2016-06-08 22:18:47

so don't worry I haven't abandoned the squad I miss you all

2016-06-10 15:38:38

I hope I will get up in time (or I'll be late haha) and join #wormsquad!! anyway cya worm!

2016-06-10 15:42:43

your deck is probably too strong for me now lol

2016-06-11 11:12:35

my life prevents me from being part of#wormsquad and I feel awful, because I loved the togetherness I felt

2016-06-13 12:56:13

just clicked in and whaddya know-- Square Enix, haha #perfecttimetoarrive

2016-06-14 13:21:42

I'll be watching the whole stream this time!

2016-06-14 23:57:42

waaaahh turns out hospital wifi was shit. Guess I'll be back to your stream as soon as they discharge me.

2016-06-15 03:42:47

Don't believe his lies.

2016-06-16 13:49:26

I don't always sign in to the chat but I watch whenever I can and it's such a blast!!

2016-06-16 13:57:26

Can't wait to watch the stream tonight!! I'm Killjoys! It was so much fun yesterday!!

2016-06-16 22:05:00

I would love to hang, but i have to be up at 0600 for a field trip to the capital. Don't die too much! ^-^ #wormsquadlove

2016-06-17 20:12:27

will sir Candy Lord, gerbe attending?

2016-06-17 22:09:42

wow it's $10 already

2016-06-17 22:10:39

10:00, wow. I actually am tired.

2016-06-18 10:44:07

2016-06-18 10:44:23

damn it, even the eurofriendly one is when I'm actually for real leaving my house for once to go to a party.

2016-06-18 14:01:33

gonna strim any more later?

2016-06-18 15:25:56

working on the set up but tonight we may play after the fireworks

2016-06-18 15:38:03

nice, enjoy the show!

2016-06-19 23:50:54

Love watching you play this game!

2016-06-20 22:00:57


2016-06-21 22:09:50

I won't be joining tonight since I'm marathoning Marvel movies with friends. Have fun!!

2016-06-22 14:51:57

Hi worm!

2016-06-22 20:13:20


2016-06-24 22:04:14

IS it now

2016-06-24 22:04:42


2016-06-24 22:58:51

we play hearthstone on Fridays but after I get done teaching lessons I'll be ready for overwatch

2016-06-24 23:04:52

I'm ready to fight along side you.

2016-06-24 23:43:34

you guys aren't even on

2016-06-24 23:52:34

I had to go to the gym

2016-06-25 00:02:25

but you're on the phone....good work out

2016-06-25 00:03:31

social media and cardio go hand in hand

2016-06-25 00:09:51

coming to watch...popcorn and wine..

2016-06-27 16:20:11

let's just hope the damn thing work tonight cause I got a hankering for some old school hip hop and a fin to dedicate it to! ^0^

2016-06-27 16:25:08

it's the worm jukebox

2016-06-27 16:25:54

lol I just realized that it is MONDAY today thanks worm

2016-06-27 16:26:45

Well you probably have a lot more tunes at your disposal too. Do we just send you a list or one at a time? #wormquestiontime

2016-06-27 16:28:46

well ok so I'm thinking I'll do two links per dono so essentially 50 cents a song...much better I think

2016-06-27 16:29:28

I like that, plus you get 100% of the proceeds, which you so deserve! ^-^ #wormsquadlove

2016-06-27 16:59:00

im gonna send you cotton eyed joe 20 times in a row

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