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Kawaii Souls

2016-05-02 20:14:32

OMG drunk souls! I think I may be there!

2016-05-02 20:17:45

I hope sooooo!

2016-05-02 20:34:47

...I knew it was DrunkSouls, but I read it as DrunkSolas...

2016-05-02 20:35:31

I should do drunk Souls as Drunk Solas

2016-05-02 20:36:25

I mean, "haha, yes"

2016-05-02 20:37:13

yesss! And he said it on my phone at the same time. Cause I can't change my alert

2016-06-02 23:45:29

Aw, I can't keep from playing World Of Tanks... GL!

2016-06-03 01:33:07

it's ok. :) I'll just see you next time!

2016-06-11 19:09:06


2016-06-11 19:10:18

I promised you at #psx, finally going to do it.

2016-06-11 19:11:16

I can't wait to hear what you think!

2016-06-11 19:11:36

Sweet game

2016-06-11 19:28:23

Journey is full of the beep boops

2016-06-11 21:06:49

that's why I'm getting wine.

2016-06-20 21:07:18

you just drop Dark Souls 3?

2016-06-20 21:07:53

I have not! But wants to play FF14 tonight, so he needs the tv.

2016-06-20 22:30:10

I told you I could have done literally anything else if you wanted to play Dark Souls.

2016-06-28 22:54:46

if you like it talk to he plays all of the ARK

2016-06-28 22:55:39

Of course he would! :)

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