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2016-05-25 20:33:27

no one wants "winnter"!! Oh typos. I had to give you a hard time Kappa

2016-06-07 00:31:07

making my Twitter and never bothering to learn how to use it has really backfired it seems.

2016-06-07 00:46:09

no worries! I'll see you on Wednesday! :D

2016-06-07 00:48:37

I really hope so, I have plenty of shiny pokemon to wonder trade for everyone, but I may not make it for Wednesday :(

2016-06-22 18:14:10

How many boxes? I need to plan for this. Also, welcome back!

2016-06-25 15:06:44

oh yesssss worm llama!

2016-06-27 22:37:50

ill hop on

2016-06-29 18:56:39

Im going to be late ;_;

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