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Doing stuff and things

2016-05-06 14:48:40

no one wants to follow u!!! ...But I will if u follow me I will 

2016-05-06 14:50:37

Nah, im good. thanks bud.

2016-05-06 14:51:45


2016-05-06 14:52:42

You sound a little salty. 8)

2016-05-06 14:59:03

Stick to World Of Warcraft u bum

2016-05-06 15:00:16

I don't know what you're so mad about man lol?

2016-05-06 15:01:53

who said I was

2016-05-06 15:07:02

What exactly is the point you're trying to convey here? I have no clue who you are & you just start dissing for no reason? lol

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