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Overwatch Grind Continues w/ @AnAtomicPenguin

2016-05-24 18:14:54

Lets hope today i will wake up bit early and come last hour :D

2016-05-25 19:13:56

i just realised i missed your stream yesterday...prob gonna miss this one too :(

2016-05-25 19:28:58

Haha no worries my friend, hope all is well with you? I will be streaming fairly regularly now, so come pop by when you can.

2016-05-25 19:30:02

everything is going very well brother. glad to see you are gonna be around again. :)

2016-05-26 20:41:12

on time as always #Kappa

2016-06-01 20:54:48

are you gonna show us how to get sick gainz or what?

2016-06-01 21:00:11

I charge for my services, I accept either Protein powder or BCAA's as payment.

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