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ITN PreShow with DrmDestryr! #80

2016-05-06 18:02:20

that avi

2016-05-06 18:18:58

guys.. during Dreamhack? You got no mercy :(

2016-05-06 20:26:09

The show must go on!

2016-05-24 20:38:05

Did you all get my tweet about a ps4 key? couldnt find a show email...

2016-05-27 16:26:36

Everyone pile on!

2016-05-31 01:03:53

great episode. Listened this morning while Overwatching. Great takes! I like that not all heroes are, well, heroes.

2016-05-31 22:37:50

Couldn't agree more. :D

2016-06-01 05:49:53

#thanks for sharing about twitch, have a great Wednesday :) Grow followers ➪ 

2016-06-01 10:20:43

Just discovered this podcast right in time for launch. Keep up great work!

2016-06-05 22:02:11

love that podcast, looking forward to listening to it.

2016-06-06 10:30:13

Hope you enjoyed :)

2016-06-07 13:04:07

when you reach your patreon goal & quit your day jobs can we haz 2 episodes a week? Need more sweet TAC goodness.

2016-06-15 11:09:57

Is it delayed or was the twitch link wrong?

2016-06-15 11:11:06

It's coming! Just a short delay, sorry.

2016-06-16 22:46:52

both of those games

2016-06-17 06:19:00

are you going to post the Vods online at all?

2016-06-17 09:54:41

Yup. Going up for Patrons later today.

2016-06-17 10:16:21


2016-06-23 17:02:53

another great brawl for Mage :(

2016-06-24 10:28:37

2016-06-24 11:27:23


2016-06-24 14:49:16

You'll get a great look at Genji's golden sword: Kill Cam, after he murders you in his ult

2016-06-24 17:21:31

Very true. The slashes should have golden tracers too.

2016-06-29 21:16:21

I wonder if they have no idea what the comp bonus will be and they are letting people rant for ideas

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