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the road to 7k up yours clowny haha

2016-05-03 19:47:46

Weird fucking stream tonight.. nobody anywhere! Cheers for anyone who hanged out!

2016-05-03 19:50:21

what do you stream and where is your link

2016-05-03 19:50:51

I stream DayZ Standalone dude. …

2016-05-03 19:56:02

Awesome haha!

2016-05-03 20:00:45

did he kill me or something?

2016-05-03 20:03:37

not yet mate not yet but he is friendly as Fook

2016-05-30 14:49:13

ty for the support m8 means a lot <3

2016-05-30 14:50:02

ty lottie for the support means a lot x <3

2016-05-30 18:16:00

Anytime Leggy, more people need to realize, their gear is your gear!

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