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Dark Souls III (PC) [NG} Lets finish it

2016-04-29 21:29:10


2016-04-29 21:31:18


2016-04-29 21:32:39

Welcome to 30's club!

2016-04-29 21:33:53

happy 30th birthday Sav!

2016-04-29 21:36:44

Happy birthday brutha! Only 2 days apart, April is such a magical month!

2016-04-29 21:45:07

H appy birthday man! Hope you have a good stream ill stop by later on

2016-04-29 22:19:49

Happy birthday, u sexy beast <3

2016-04-29 22:35:34

happy (early?) birthday brother... see u on the strim

2016-04-29 23:01:50

Enjoy your 30th Bday Savage!

2016-04-30 09:54:29


2016-05-01 05:48:14


2016-05-03 01:44:20

That is one of my all time favorites! Enjoy!

2016-05-03 04:19:08

Praise The Sun?!?

2016-05-03 04:25:38


2016-05-03 04:27:56

quite a game huh, good job, i feel inspired to play it on stream one day now

2016-05-03 04:31:20

This moment will go down in history and we'll be celebrating it every year as a national holiday

2016-05-03 04:54:23

If we celebrate the ending as long as the actual game was, we'll be dead by Wednesday.

2016-05-03 05:16:42

I'd warn to stay away from it. Stay far far away from it.

2016-05-03 05:17:25

i have the platinum trophy in the game on PS3, i've played it a few times, it isn't blind

2016-05-03 05:17:59

Oh ....I'm speechless.

2016-05-03 05:19:46

all clues, all questions right, finding all cars

2016-05-03 05:43:25

christ! Yeah see, I got SO sick of the game by the end. I literally used a guide for the last 4 cases.

2016-05-03 11:00:24

Congrats on finishing up LA Noire!!!!! #PogChamp

2016-05-25 05:26:15


2016-05-28 08:39:15

i need to talk to you jen jen, so hit me up on fb plz

2016-06-03 06:53:46

yeah he's alright :P

2016-06-04 01:26:39

ive been wanting to see you play this build. shame i dont get off of work till 530am cst

2016-06-10 23:57:26

dead by diggity baby yeah!

2016-06-15 01:30:43

perhaps some dead by daylight with a certain gaijin? Kappa

2016-06-15 07:21:18

it was Fun indeed very cool info about doom.

2016-06-15 23:49:47

Glad you enjoyed it dude!

2016-06-20 03:15:11

No. Kappa.

2016-06-21 01:15:42

remember me is such a great game

2016-06-28 04:08:51

I had to buy the dlc cause of watching you play it

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