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MarksmanStan - won first round waiting on second

2016-05-06 23:21:17

teach me

2016-05-24 20:09:56

lmk when I'm interested

2016-05-24 20:10:40

we just found out who we play so we'll be playing in a sec

2016-05-24 20:21:26


2016-05-25 19:33:58

I watched that kingsrow comeback at the end, that was insane

2016-06-17 03:15:25

what's osu

2016-06-17 03:21:46

uhh. its hard to explain you'd have to watch lol

2016-06-17 03:22:09

is it like a game?

2016-06-17 03:22:47

yeah its a music type game, think DDR but on crack

2016-06-17 03:24:31

sounds intense

2016-06-29 03:36:36

we need to play imy

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