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2016-05-01 08:51:14

Do you stream, Peter?

2016-05-01 08:51:24

Not currently.

2016-05-31 07:41:54

congrats lovely, here's hoping more people see how awesome you are!!

2016-05-31 07:47:37

lol, thanks... It's but a small drip err drop in the ocean when people are out there with 4K + :D

2016-05-31 07:49:43

all of them and they tend to use it as a 'ego massage' situation where they don't really care for their viewers/followers

2016-05-31 07:50:46

I'm in it for the fun and the chat. Shits and Giggles as it were :D

2016-05-31 07:52:37

minions to worship them and to do their bidding by way of retweeting and liking everything they ever post

2016-05-31 07:53:54

Ironically, I just liked all your tweets you just posted then lol

2016-05-31 07:58:45

the tweet is about isn't something you're interested in/care for. Like someone saying about what they had for lunch or

2016-05-31 07:59:10

Agreed. Dammit... I've not had lunch yet!

2016-06-01 14:14:43


2016-06-01 14:15:09

8PM UK time. In about 45 mins

2016-06-02 12:35:14

sounds good do you have another controller or can we use the wireless xbox ones

2016-06-02 13:13:09

Depends on what game we play. Easiest would be to get another wired controller if we go that route

2016-06-02 13:13:24

Not yet... hope to early next week though

2016-06-02 14:38:12

Cheers. Should be fun. Have a sexy night you guys! x

2016-06-03 05:02:17

Always! I hope you had a good one too!

2016-06-03 05:50:51

Ha, awesome. I like to think that I provide something for others to aspire to! xXXXXXx

2016-06-03 06:49:52

so much excited I cannot contain it!!

2016-06-04 05:42:51

I meant to click Titanfall :(

2016-06-04 05:43:27

What did you click?

2016-06-04 05:44:08

Could you not have figured that one out? :P

2016-06-04 05:44:46

Well, it's still only showing the one vote for TF

2016-06-04 05:45:23

2016-06-04 05:53:23

Wearing pants!

2016-06-04 07:26:20

Aww, you didn't come watch :'(

2016-06-04 07:26:51

Sorry dude, chores :(

2016-06-04 07:27:27

ROFL, why did you vote then lol - It's like voting for a government then emigrating :D

2016-06-05 14:15:56

I think a fighting game like Street fighter rofl

2016-06-08 11:11:04

I forgot all about Titanfall, Was quite fun at launch. How is the community. Servers still populated enough?

2016-06-08 11:20:37

Depending on what server you choose, its actually quite good still. Attrition + CtF always get a good turnout on the servers

2016-06-10 07:16:08

so excited to see this!! Going to really try not to miss it!!

2016-06-11 07:04:00

I sees nuffin', guvna! Just the holding page. :)

2016-06-17 04:40:38

if only you were after a 780, I have one for sale

2016-06-17 05:21:34

but sli is so rarely supported properly. Surely a second streaming only PC with GPU would be a better addition?

2016-06-17 06:09:08

Bit old hat for me ;)

2016-06-17 06:09:50

Possibly. I've only just started streaming so am reluctant to buy more stuff until I'm more popular than a bad STD :D

2016-06-17 06:45:34

and me too, hence it being for sale *pats 1080 lovingly* :D

2016-06-17 07:59:36

ha, nice :D

2016-06-18 08:34:02

Killing Floor 2 - it's even free this weekend!

2016-06-18 08:34:50

I'm beginning to think that FPS games are not my forte lol

2016-06-18 08:36:43

Well, you don't have to play KF2 as PvP (something they recently added) - there is the traditional PvE mode. :)

2016-06-18 08:37:16

I'm not a big fan of PvP myself.

2016-06-18 08:38:37

KF2's co-op mode is all about team play and supporting each other. It's also hella fun! :)

2016-06-18 09:45:06

OK, how 'bout Terraria or Minecraft? :)

2016-06-18 09:50:05

Ugh, thinking more along the lines of Rise of the Tombraider or something

2016-06-18 12:33:38

Just trying to suggest games we could play together. ;)

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