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Handmade Dev Show #programming

2016-05-07 20:51:05

...so, 7 hours later. All tease and no stream?

2016-05-07 21:03:28

This was related to the tweet previous to this! Tomorrow at 5PM EDT.

2016-05-07 21:30:58

Abner Coimbre Retweeted Abner Coimbre

2016-05-07 21:53:00

Oh. right. Sorry for that, read the tweets in the wrong order.

2016-06-10 09:14:50

which woman will you be interviewing?

2016-06-10 10:25:47

Woman? That might not be until the stream after this one :p

2016-06-10 10:42:54

good nuff

2016-06-10 13:01:53

and there might be a surprise special guest for the next one...

2016-06-12 13:08:13

The night before my last exam, looks like I'll have to catch it tomorrow then

2016-06-12 13:08:38

Great to see it back again though

2016-06-12 16:00:48

Hopefully the EA E3 Panel ends before that

2016-06-12 16:01:38

Well... I hope EA's #E3 stream doesn't last more than 1 hour! ^^

2016-06-12 17:00:40

I'm not saying I'll make a special guest appearance this episode, but...

2016-06-12 19:11:23

assemble a team of handmade gays and gals to fix various linux things?

2016-06-12 19:11:49

I call dibs on "windowing systems that never ask "are you sure you wanted to do what you just did?"

2016-06-12 19:34:01

I know what I'm doing tonight!

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