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Teresa_iGuess's Live PS4 Broadcast 7

2016-05-01 11:48:03


2016-05-01 12:02:51

It almost sucks. I only have like 3 followers. Lol.

2016-05-01 15:20:48

what on your twitch?

2016-05-01 21:12:38

The Division for right now. I don't go live because I have just a few followers.

2016-05-01 22:18:16

Lol. It sucks.

2016-05-01 22:29:50

i was going to get on but was watching basketball

2016-05-01 22:38:57

Ahh. Who's your fave team?

2016-05-01 22:57:59

the new York Jets in footbal, in basketball it was the Lakers until Kobe retired.

2016-05-02 20:44:29

#TheDivisionGame #FalconLost #Incursion

2016-05-02 20:45:35

i download the app so how do I watch

2016-05-02 21:37:25

Type in my name Teresa_iGuess I should pop up

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