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Giveaway at 100 followers! BO3 Competitive

2016-04-30 23:11:42

250-249 HOLY SHIT

2016-04-30 23:26:39

Wanna play some cod?

2016-04-30 23:28:06

well im watching a streamed local rn but heres the link. let em know youre from australia :D …

2016-04-30 23:28:50

Will do do you want to play later thought bored asf haha

2016-04-30 23:29:17

no joke i dont even have a console atm xD

2016-04-30 23:32:48

Wtf get a ps and that was a song? Not a stream link hahaha

2016-04-30 23:33:38

ahahaha im a dumbass 

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