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2016-05-01 01:44:43

u still up nikkaz

2016-05-01 01:45:17

want to an skrim or an no

2016-05-01 01:46:10

2016-05-01 01:46:25


2016-05-01 01:49:56

I wanna play so bad rn

2016-05-01 01:54:52

I don't think I have it in me anymore, why did he get off earlier

2016-05-01 02:00:41

idk destocking just came into catlyn stream and said he wanted to play so idk if you wantt o play lmk

2016-05-01 02:01:16

And against Brian's team too cause it is amazing practice

2016-05-01 02:02:09

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