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NICKY VAL! - Fallout 4 Survival Mode (PC) LIVE

2016-05-04 07:25:36

no!!!! So sad I was asleep

2016-05-29 15:06:52

can I be your family Al? I'd make a good daddy

2016-05-29 15:07:23

Dinner with the family always more important than streaming! You gonna get drunk? Omg drunk al stream someday?!?!!

2016-05-29 15:07:35


2016-05-29 16:05:23

Have fun Al!

2016-05-29 16:32:55

how are your family getting to the moon ?

2016-05-30 16:14:14


2016-06-05 15:42:37

I gots a playlist!

2016-06-19 16:49:55

papa breach must be proud to have you as a son

2016-06-19 18:12:59

Tell pops I said hi

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